Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Improving the lives of people under the poverty line.

According to this chart the bottom 15.1% of the u.s population is under the poverty line, theres around 320 million people in the u.s, which means abour 48 million people are consider poor. More amazingly to me is that the 1%, which would be 3 million people, have more wealth then the bottom 90%(288million.) While 48 million people are consider below the poverty line 3 million people are earning 400 times more than the average worker, not people working on minimum wage but on the average earning worker . I'm no genius but that doesn't seem very fair, in the country of "equality."

I'm not really sure what's the debate against taxing the richest, but in my opinion i suggest taxing the top 10% to raise money to fund programs for the poorest people & to facilitate the process of furthering your education. From an economics point of view this would breed more talented individuals & stimulate spending & economic growth in the bottom 50% of the population. 
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