Friday, June 26, 2015

The Passaic Olympics Sign Up is Open . Here's the link.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Passaic Olympics

Create a Better Community Inc. will be hosting the first ever Passaic Olympics. Come watch the Games for Free.


Fee at Sign Up, 5$ per Tournament.
You will have the chance to Compete in various tournaments like, Basketball, Track, Homerun Derby, even a Rap Battle in Spanish or English, & many more. 

For each tournament there will be a 1st place $$CASH PRIZE$$


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Improving the lives of people under the poverty line.

According to this chart the bottom 15.1% of the u.s population is under the poverty line, theres around 320 million people in the u.s, which means abour 48 million people are consider poor. More amazingly to me is that the 1%, which would be 3 million people, have more wealth then the bottom 90%(288million.) While 48 million people are consider below the poverty line 3 million people are earning 400 times more than the average worker, not people working on minimum wage but on the average earning worker . I'm no genius but that doesn't seem very fair, in the country of "equality."

I'm not really sure what's the debate against taxing the richest, but in my opinion i suggest taxing the top 10% to raise money to fund programs for the poorest people & to facilitate the process of furthering your education. From an economics point of view this would breed more talented individuals & stimulate spending & economic growth in the bottom 50% of the population. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

A World in a Kitchen : Online Commerce

A World in a Kitchen : Online Commerce:

Online Commerce

Everything seems to be pointing in the direction of the internet. Probably more sooner than later, most commerce and business is going to be done through the internet. It is very easy to see the benefits of starting an online business rather than a traditional business. You´re going to be able to reach a more wide and targeted public. Advertising is much easier and more simple on the internet, their are many tools available to facilitate and help people establish and grow their businesses online. Everyone is connected, having the products and or services come to you is the way things are going to be headed.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Let us live in the Present.

We made mistakes in the past.
& we cant stop thinking about the future.
But the only thing thats important is the Present,

We have regrets in the past.
& we have hopes for the future.
But the the only thing that counts...
Is what we do in the Present.

We can not change the past. & the future is yet to unfold. Even tho we have wishes for the future, is only our actions in the Present that will shape our hopes.

Let us live now!
Let us live in the PRESENT!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Renting a house under Section 8

I have noticed that for whatever reason, houses for sale in Paterson are relatively cheap compared to some areas in NJ. You may find a house in Paterson for around 80k. Compared to some areas in NJ , as for example Passaic houses go up to 300K. 
You can get the house with 20% down ,with good credit. List it under section 8, that is a federal government’s primary program to provide housing for Americans who are living in poverty, as well as the elderly and disabled. Section 8 pays a percentage of the tenants rent, meaning that every month you shall get that check from the government in your bank account. Pay the mortgage and insurance by renting the property, and in the long-run even make profit and create a passive income. Surprisingly it doesn't seem to be hard to enroll your property for the Housing Choice Vouchers Program. You can just go to, create a landlord account and just list your property. After meeting regular health and safety standards and some other simple procedures. Pay the mortgage and insurance by renting the property. In a year or 2, if everything goes well, you should start seeing a steady stream of profit. From my perspective, this should be a great investment because Paterson is a high rent area, that goes up to 1.5k a month. However, in some areas in P.a (specially in the southeast of the state) you can find many houses for under 100k, even as low as 30k. Houses in P.a are cheaper than in NJ, but another component to notice is that even tho the houses in Pa are cheaper, the rent is also cheaper. So if you're intending to do the same investment as in Paterson, even tho you're ultimately going to pay less for a property, the stream of money probably wont be as much as in NJ.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Speaking to the Generation!!!

Some people don't realize how powerful their voices are, that the message that is delivered through our expressions have energy and frequencies that can influence and tune your conciousness into that state of mind.
Voices that are heard by a massive amount of audiences have a much bigger impact on people, society, and life. There are people (specially in the media) who use the power of their voices in a way that influences the World in a negative matter. 
Creating pictures, videos or any type of content that have a negative message and vibe will only be harming even more our generation.
That is why I URGE everyone who's voices are heard by thoutsands and millions of people (in the social media, as well as in the physical world) to be more delicate on the message that you deliver.
So instead of adding more gasoline to the blaze of negativity & hatred that is consuming this entire World in general. Let's make sure that every word we speak, and every thought we express has a spark on the movement to a better World!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Saturday, March 7, 2015

4 Major problems in the Dominican Republic & Proposed solution

4 Major problems in the Dominican Rep:

  1. Corruption - A huge problem in the Dominican republic is the corrupted politician that have come to office. Lack of structure in their economic system and unbalanced shares of power in the government show a lack of consensus on the rules that should govern the national political life.
  2. Poverty- Many Dominicans struggle with very harsh conditions of poverty. Around 41% of the population lives under the poverty line.
  3. Crime- Seeing that almost half of the population is living below poverty standard, is no surprise to know that crime is one of the biggest problems in the country.
  4. Lack of education- In a 3rd world country like D.R, few get the opportunity to go to school and chase a higher education.

Proposal for a solution 

Studies show that in poor and low income communities crime tends to be on the rise. To fix this problem we would have to create many new jobs to lower the amount of people living under the poverty line. Refining education methods and facilitating the process of furthering your education behond the 12th grade, & getting more people into college should be a priority. If we breed more educated & talented individuals the more skilled workers that are going to be pushing the boundaries of improvements & progression. Furthermore, we need to start mproving  the cash flow analysis and recordings to determine consumers demands. Wherever there is a demand you can construct a successful business that supplies for it. When you create successful businesses and companies ,you have effectively created new jobs. More jobs means more opportunity for people to be productive in the economy. To determine a solution for corruption is more difficult, because the people that over see us, the people that are supposed to serve and protect us are the ones corrupted. I asked many people how can they fix this problem in the goverment; most of them told me to fix this problem with corruption, we would need people to get inside the goverment and exposed those who's corruption and greed are destroying this country, we would need people who will stand their belifs and not be corrupted by the system and truly help the people of the Dominican Republic. My resolve to this problem is to divide the legislative and executive power givien to the goverment and share it among the people. This way the people will be more active in the activities of the goverment, and make sure important problems are being tackled and handled by the goverment. The people are the country, we cannot allow this corruption and poor policy making poltics to keep sinking our country(our people) further into an abyss. But we cannot lose our composure, violence and arrogance only leads to more destuction. The path to rebuilding our country needs to be a peaceful, reasonable, educated & a just one, in order to secure the existence of our race for many years to come.