Friday, March 13, 2015

Speaking to the Generation!!!

Some people don't realize how powerful their voices are, that the message that is delivered through our expressions have energy and frequencies that can influence and tune your conciousness into that state of mind.
Voices that are heard by a massive amount of audiences have a much bigger impact on people, society, and life. There are people (specially in the media) who use the power of their voices in a way that influences the World in a negative matter. 
Creating pictures, videos or any type of content that have a negative message and vibe will only be harming even more our generation.
That is why I URGE everyone who's voices are heard by thoutsands and millions of people (in the social media, as well as in the physical world) to be more delicate on the message that you deliver.
So instead of adding more gasoline to the blaze of negativity & hatred that is consuming this entire World in general. Let's make sure that every word we speak, and every thought we express has a spark on the movement to a better World!
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