Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My life in Passaic

I've been living in Passaic for about 10 years now. Is pretty amazing seeing how the community changes over time. When i was younger the environment was a lot brighter and less shady than it is now. You would see people hanging out in their porch or in the park even in a parking lot, just chilling and enjoying the company. In few words, it was truly a community. Now this city is more divided than ever; this community is now composed of many cliques that all they do is mostly talk shit on social networks & spread negativity. Some people notice this & decide to strand off & be alone or keep a close circle of family & childhood friends. 
I've also seen how dealers and gang members have become more teen based. I see more and more little kids being pushed to the streets. Most of this people were my friends, people i grew up with, people i still consider my friends just went a different path than the one i chose. Regardless of what i find out of the messed up things i hear them say or do, i refuse to believe this people are bad. I believe everyone is good at heart,  but we're the product of our environment. How are we to expect this generation to do good when all they're exposed to is drugs, crime & violence? Most of this kids are just lost and confused, money hungry but with no opportunity to be productive; so they turn to the streets for comfort & a sense of unity that this community has seemed to lost a long time ago.
It saddens me to see my city this way. No one here to help. No one seems to care. Well I care. & if I'm the only one, then so be it. But I'm willing to bet I'm not. Some day I'll find a way to help everyone. & i won't give up or lose my ideals. From the bottom of my heart, i vow to this.
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