Thursday, February 19, 2015

My proposal to a better World

Is difficult to see the beauty in a world where there's so much negativity. Our world is engulfed in hate & selfishness. I have a belief on that though.  I believe that we are all born generally good at heart & the events we experience throughout our lives shape our concepts of right & wrong. Of course, since the World is more negative than positive, most of our experiences tip us of to the wrong side.
That is why I propose spreading positive vibes & empowerment to individuals to do the same. Energy is real, proven by science & everything.  The positive energy that I release might not be strong enough to change the hate in this world; but if I am able to empower 3 people who will empower 3 more people each, and so on & so forth,  our energy as a whole might be. In theory, a community of positive energy can change this world.  I hope anyone that will read this article won't only create an opinion or a judgement on it. Follow me on my most sincere attempt for a better World.

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